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Update as of 30 June 2023

The working document for the meeting of the bishops in Rome in October 2023 has now been published. It uses the Latin name for such documents: the Instrumentum Laboris (“IL”).

It is available here:

Working Document – Instrumentum Laboris (IL) – Jun 2023

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3. Infographics on – IL – Conversation in the Spirit – Organisation of Oct Assembly – Jun 2023


Of course, the IL should be read and interpreted in the light of all the previous documents published in the Synodal Pathway. See the links below to the key documents and to the websites where more documents and other details can be found.

Please see immediately below the list of contents for the IL which gives a reasonable idea of the topics for discussion at the Synod Assembly meeting in October 2023 in Rome.

Contents of the Instrumentum Laboris


The journey so far

A working tool for the second phase of the synodal journey

The structure of the text

A. For a synodal Church. An integral experience

A 1. The characteristic signs of a synodal Church

A 2. A way forward for the synodal Church: Conversation in the Spirit

B. Communion, Participation, Mission. Three priority issues for the Synodal Church.

B 1. A communion that radiates:

How can we be more fully a sign and instrument of union with God and of the unity of all humanity?

B 2. Co-responsibility in Mission:

How can we better share gifts and tasks in the service of the Gospel?

B 3. Participation, governance, and authority:

What processes, structures, and institutions in a missionary synodal Church?



Worksheets for B 1. A Communion that radiates

B 1.1 How does the service of charity and commitment to justice and care for our common home nourish communion in a synodal Church?

B 1.2 How can a synodal Church make credible the promise that “love and truth will meet” (Ps 85:11)?

B 1.3 How can a dynamic relationship of gift exchange between the Churches grow?

B 1.4 How can a synodal Church fulfill its mission through a renewed ecumenical commitment?

B 1.5 How can we recognise and gather the richness of cultures and develop dialogue amongst religions in the light of the Gospel?

Worksheets for B 2. Co-responsibility in Mission

B 2.1 How can we walk together towards a shared awareness of the meaning and content of mission?

B 2.2 What should be done so a synodal Church is also an ‘all ministerial’ missionary Church?

B 2.3 How can the Church of our time better fulfill its mission through greater recognition and promotion of the baptismal dignity of women?

B 2.4 How can we properly value ordained Ministry in its relationship with baptismal Ministries from a missionary perspective?

B 2.5 How can we renew and promote the Bishop’s ministry from a missionary synodal perspective?

Worksheets for B 3. Participation, governance, and authority

B 3.1 How can we renew the service of authority and the exercise of responsibility in a missionary synodal Church?

B 3.2 How can we develop discernment practices and decision-making processes in an authentically synodal manner, that respects the protagonism of the Spirit?

B 3.3. What structures can be developed to strengthen a missionary synodal Church?

B 3.4 How can we give structure to instances of synodality and collegiality that involve groupings of local Churches?

B 3.5 How can the institution of the Synod be strengthened so that it is an expression of episcopal collegiality within an all-synodal Church?