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Advent 2019 Reflection


For years I have tried to quiet myself and spend time sitting with our Provident God, waiting for God to speak to my heart not only during Advent but during the rest of the year. Nowadays, I light a candle in the early morning and just sit. Sometimes with eyes closed and sometimes just watching the flame dance on the candle. I am waiting. Quietly waiting for God to speak to my heart.

Isn’t this what Advent is all about? Listening to the quiet in our hearts, waiting for the whisper of God? Isn’t this what we do as we wait for the wonder of Christmas — the birth of Christ? Isn’t this what we have been doing for centuries as we await the return of Christ at the end of times? Wonderful waiting! Listening.

With the chaos of our world and the busyness of the holiday season, isn’t it time to wait in wonder for Emmanuel, God with us, to speak to our hearts? This is the wonder of waiting. We never know when we might feel the nudge or hear the voice of God speak to us — we wonder. Will we take the time to sit quietly, wait and listen?

During this season of Advent, I pray that you will take time away from the busyness and chaos of our world to sit in wonder waiting to hear the voice of God speak to your heart. “Be not afraid.” God is waiting for you in the silence of your heart.

I sit in quiet,
My mind races ahead of me.
I let those thoughts pass,

Listening in quiet
for that gentle voice of God.
Wondering when will I hear the whisper.
Waiting. Waiting.

Emmanuel, God with us
Come be with me as I sit, waiting.
Wondrous waiting.