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Ministers of the Word

Ministry of the Word

 The public reading, or proclamation, of Scripture at Mass and at other liturgies, is an important form of participation in the faith life of our parish. A team of some 25 Readers is engaged in this ministry at St Brigid’s and new Ministers of the Word are always welcome.

 The Gospel of Luke (Chapter 4, Verse 16) describes how Jesus, at the Synagogue in his home place of Nazareth “stood up to read”. That day Jesus was the “reader” whose example we strive to follow when we read and listen  to the words of the Old and New Testaments during our daily and weekly Masses and at other important liturgical events like the Easter Triduum.

In the tradition of Jesus himself, readers have the privilege and responsibility of sharing the word of God with the People of God. Anyone interested in joining our team of Readers can contact the Parish Office for information on undertaking the necessary preparation and training.

 If Readers wish to see the following Sunday Reading these are now available on our website beside the Daily & Sunday Readings.