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The Season of Advent

Advent stillness before - Christmas

Advent is a season of attentiveness. We wait in a spirit of calm expectation, with our eyes wide open in gentle alertness, for the unfolding of the gifts that Jesus has prepared for us. A Christmas song tells children ‘you better watch out’. In the Gospel of Mark, for the first Sunday of Advent, Jesus challenges us to ‘stay awake’. These two phrases have something in common – being alert and being attentive.
What is this attentiveness like? Is it noticing the peace that comes when we create the right environment – no phone or radio or T.V. – some gentle music – a candle – a quiet place or are feeling more chilled out as the season moves forward.
Is it about hearing God crying from the wilderness of our mindlessness – speaking words of promise, encouragement and renewal? Is it paying attention to the people in our lives who we might take for granted? This attentive standing back sometimes reveals the other person in a new light – their presence illuminated by the glow of their constancy, the warmth of their support or the unnamed security of their being there. As we count our gifts we are mindful for ways to offer what we have received. ‘You received without charge, give without charge’. (Source: Unknown)

Jesse Tree Symbols with Scripture - Advent

Week Two Sunday 5th Dec. –Jacob—Ladder- Genesis 28:10-17

Monday 6th Dec. – Rachel—Shepherd’s Crook - Genesis 29:9-12

Tuesday 7th Dec. – Joseph—Colourful Coat - Genesis 37:3

Wednesday 8th Dec. – Moses—Burning Bush - Exodus 3:1-6

Thursday 9th Dec. – Miriam—Music Notes - Exodus 15:20-21

Friday 10thDec. – Deborah—Palm Tree - Judges 4:4-5

Saturday 11th Dec. – Samuel—Lamp - 1 Samuel 3:1-3

Hope versus Optimism

Advent is a season of Hope. Hope is not the same thing as optimism. Optimism is the expectation that things will get better, whatever the situation. Hope is the trust that God will fulfill the promises he has made to us in his way and in his time.

Weekly Candles on Advent Wreath - 2nd Week – (purple) THE BETHLEHEM CANDLE or THE CANDLE OF PEACE – God kept his promise of a Saviour who would be born in Bethlehem. We work for peace-because Jesus is the ‘Prince of Peace’ and he calls his children to work for peace in his name.

On the second Sunday of Advent and we light the candle of Peace

Lord Jesus, Light of the World, the prophets said you would bring peace and save your people from trouble. Give peace in our hearts at Christmastide. We ask that you would remain present with us.
Help us today, and everyday to worship you, to hear your word, and to do your will, sharing your peace with each other.
We ask this in the name of the one who was born in Bethlehem. Amen

During the Season of Advent Mass in our beautiful Pastoral Centre in Pelletstown at 7.30pm on Thursdays 9th; 16th and 23rd December.

All are most welcome.