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From the Pastor’s Desk

I Apologise

I like to thank volunteers and groups when something significant happens in the Church. The danger with so doing is that sometimes an individual or a group can be forgotten and I did that!! The November Mass for the deceased finished with a lovely reception afterwards and a huge number attended. It was greatly appreciated by all – a sincere thank-you to the Hospitality Team, who I forgot to mention in my last newsletter and who did a fantastic job. You’d know that people were enjoying themselves as no one was in a rush to leave.

Family Mass

Thank you to all who attended the Family Mass last Sunday. The Junior Choir under the direction of John White are an excellent feature at this Mass. This last weekend of the month is also when the families of the 1st Holy Communion children for the coming year are invited to attend all the weekend Masses. There was a great turnout as is evidenced by the lovely display of Advent wreaths on the Notice board in the ‘stage area’. The next family Mass will be on the last Sunday of January, 29th at 12 noon.

Confirmation Enrolment Mass

This was the first time that the Parish held such an event. We are familiar with the 1st Communion children enrolment Masses but on Wednesday 23rd Nov the Confirmation children, their parents, the Parish Team and the Confirmation Team were present at this Mass. The Church was full. We have 146 candidates from all our Parish schools. I thank the Holy Spirit for encouraging so many to attend what was an uplifting and spiritual experience. I also especially thank our confirmation Team there on the night of Pat Cummins; Margaret Hill and Aine Jordan. Next up in the New Year we will hold our Confirmation retreats for Scoil Bhríde Girls and Boys and Saint Francis Xavier Schools.

Extension – kneeling

Are we to kneel on the floor? I don’t expect that. For the Eucharistic Prayer you may be seated. During the Eucharistic Prayer when the Holy Spirit is ‘called forth’ and the words of Institution are pronounced, those who wish to kneel may do so. Only if you are able and it’s not expected!

Vocation Themed Intercessions for Advent

Second Sunday of Advent—Just as John the Baptist answered the call to be a “voice in the wilderness” to “prepare a way for the Lord”, we pray for those in our society who are called to be the voice in the wilderness of our modern society by living their lives in service as a priest, deacon or religious.

Mass Booking Diary

The 2023 Diary is now available in the Sacristy if anyone wishes to ‘book’ Masses for next Year

Fr. Michael Carey